Our Mission

We strongly believe that the good quality products are not only raising above their competitors because of the high quality raw material but also the time spent on their production, the care and the knowledge of the professionals working on creating these products. Furthermore the skills and the attention used for the creation of the image and packages. The success of a product cannot rely only on these. It presumes a creative approach that takes in consideration the open-mindedness of the culinary environment, its past and that – based on this – tries to deduce of its future.

Our grill-sausages are made of the parts of excellent, healthy Hungarian pork. The meat we use is certified by AHFCS (Animal Health and Food Control Station. We follow the crafts-traditions, the savor is rooted in the in the Hungarian seasoning. However it gently opens for the world of flavors of gastronomy, pointing at the richness of other cultures. The products do not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial additives. Presented in the market in pre cooked vacuum packs and/or deep frozen versions. Based on the above described, our products are prepared in smaller amounts. Currently we can produce 1 ton a week in perfect quality. The Pécs Sausage Selection was Silver Award winner at the Championship of National Flavors. We had the honor to deliver several times to kitchens of restaurants with Michelin degrees.

Our products are real festival accessories. In the past years thousands consumed those with joy at the international festivals of Hungary: the Volt, the Sziget, the Balatonsound and at the Strand Festival also. 

I dedicate myself to the food industrial product development since 2000. I work as chef, creative chef for ten years now. For the past three years I recreate meat industrial products, smoked and non-smoked sausages, I tend to perfect them and to invent new versions not only for my own, currently building brand but also for other restaurants, enterprises. I am working as gastronomy author, editor and expert for online and print press organs.


Thank you for your kind attention to our products,

Akos Lokodi

Creative chef, owner

Akos Lokodi Chef