Lokodi Chef’s Goldenhill sausage
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Lokodi Chef’s Goldenhill sausage
Pécs Selection with dried figs and unique wine Cirfandel. 

This part of the city – Golden Hill – is mentioned in a patent letter of the year 1780, and since then it is presented in the city’s coat of arms. Flavoured by two key elements: figs that has a long history in the city itself and recognizing the vinyards of the region, Cirfandel (Zierfandler) of Pécs. Comparing each other greatly.

All of our sausages made with best quality natural sheep casings, washed, cleaned. Each package of sausages contains 6 pieces, 120-140g/sausage.
The products do not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial additives. Presented in pre cooked vacuum packs and/or deep frozen versions.
The meat we use is certified by AHFCS (Animal Health and Food Control Station).