Lokodi Chef’s Makári sausage
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Lokodi Chef’s Makári sausage
Pécs Selection with traditional mildly hot Hungarian paprika (traditional Hungarian style).

Hungarian mildly hot sausage with the twist of rosemary. This piece is a memento for János Makár who liberated the Castle of Pécs from the Ottoman, and honors also the rosemary bush growing in the Makár quartier of the city.

All of our sausages made with best quality natural sheep casings, washed, cleaned. Each package of sausages contains 6 pieces, 120-140g/sausage.
The products do not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial additives. Presented in pre cooked vacuum packs and/or deep frozen versions.
The meat we use is certified by AHFCS (Animal Health and Food Control Station).